24/7 fast & professional snow removal services


Deneigement Rush Snow Removal is based in Vaudreuil-Dorion and operates mainly in the industrial area of Cote-de-Liesse. However we can serve the Greater Montreal and the North & South Shore on call. Our professional, safe and fast service will allow you to fully operate your business activities and take the road free of dangers for your drivers and other vehicules. We take pride in being able to help our clients 24/7 no matter the circumstances.

The snow removal of your trailers is not a luxury

In Quebec, we face many different kinds of weather conditions during the winter season. Snow storms, cold, rain, freezing rain, wind etc. are closely linked to freight and transportation and can cause delays and worst. 

Snow or ice on a trailer truck represent a danger for other vehicules on the roads as well as for the driver of said truck. Loose snow create blowing snow and greatly reduces visibility while falling ice could injure pedestrians, cars and cause accidents. It is mandatory that every actors in goods heavy transport, whether they are exploitants, shippers or drivers, conform to their obligations in regard of snow removal of trailers and trucks. Federal and provincial laws and rules regulate trailers snow removal activities. They are there to prevent road and work accidents.